The latest version is 0.8. You can download the latest version as imapfilter_0.8.tar.gz.

ImapFilter is a Perl program for filtering an IMAP mailbox according to a set of rules. I use ImapFilter to filter my inbox into a set of IMAP folders. I also use it for mail folder maintenance, by running a different rules file over each folder periodically. The advantage this has over other filters (e.g. procmail, mailagent, and zfilter) is that it is totally independent of the mail delivery.

There are two mailing lists for ImapFilter, one for general discussion and help, and another for announcements. They are coming soon...

ImapFilter was originally written by Tom Shields, 4/4/1998

ImapFilter includes the following required packages:

Contributions to ImapFilter are always welcome, and may be emailed to Here is the current ToDo list:

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