Basswood Standards Proposals

This directory contains standards proposed by Basswood, on behalf of NetGravity, to industry committees including the IAB and FAST.

Internet Advertising Banner Counting Methodology

Note: The latest standards can be found here.

A standard, practical methodology for counting Internet banner ad impressions and clicks is presented. The methodology is designed such that two compliant implementations will generate basic impression and basic click counts that differ by less than 5%. The methodology is implementable by content sites, content networks, ad networks, advertisers, agencies, and audit firms in order to achieve comparable counts.

Internet Advertising Report Format

Note: This format is obsolete, and should not be implemented!

A standard format for presenting internet ad performance information is presented. The format is extensible, portable, and easy to parse into a variety of data stores. The proposal is motivated by the need to capture and compare ad performance information independent of the software used to perform the ad delivery.

IAB TIS Status Report

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