WFR Flash Cards

I attended a Wilderness First Responder course recently, in preparation for our trip around the world. In my opinion, the WFR curriculum is the most practical set of medical knowledge you can get for everyday life. I consider it to be absolutely required if you spend any significant time away from good emergency medical service, such as in the backcountry, or in third world nations.

My course was run by SOLO, and hosted by HIOBS at their Yulee, FL base. It rained nearly the entire time, which made for very good practical testing - ever try to build a make-shift traction splint in a downpour?

When the course was over, I realized that I simply would not retain many of the details of what I had learned for more than a few weeks. So, I created a set of flash cards that are designed to remind me of what I need to do in certain situations. They are not anywhere near a replacement for the WFR course, and will be useless without the WFR training. In fact, I have no reason to believe that they're useful to anyone besides me, but just in case, you can download them below.

I expressly disclaim any responsibility for the accuracy and validity of anything that is on these cards. I am definitely not a doctor. I cribbed most of this from the SOLO books, and boiled it down to what I thought was important. USE THESE ENTIRELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I hereby place these cards in the public domain.

The cards are in Word 97 format, and are designed to be printed on two sides of one sheet of paper, laminated, and cut into 4 3x5 cards. Download them here. Feel free to send me feedback, but I don't guarantee to do anything about it. Enjoy!

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