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This is the place to find out more information about ImapFilter. We have also written a simple game/puzzle for the Palm Computing platform called 8 Queens. We recently made small enhancements to pop2blog which can be found here. From time to time we will contribute additional code to the Open Source Software community, as we scratch our own itches. If you have a question or comment about Basswood Open Source Software, please feel free to email us.

For historical interest, you may read about how our site was set up, the page talks about practical usage of RedHat Linux to built a virtual hosting server with a variety of unique features. These are all obsolete now, we run FreeBSD, and all the features are now standard.

For the curious, Basswood Associates is a professional services firm that specializes in strategic and technical consulting in the areas of Internet advertising and electronic commerce.

Some links that we have found particularly useful:

Linux Org
Road Coders

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