Welcome to Basswood Associates

Basswood Associates specializes in investment and strategic and technical consulting in a variety of information technologies. We primarily work on new product architecture and design, perform technical design reviews, and analyze business plans from both strategic and technical perspectives. Basswood Associates has completed several projects for leading Internet firms, software development firms, and venture capitalists.

Basswood's founder, Tom Shields, is currently CEO at Yieldex, an early-stage technology startup delivering optimization software for internet advertising. For more info, read the Yieldex CEO Blog.

Prior to Yieldex, Tom was a Managing Director at Woodside Fund, where he led investments in early stage technology startups. Tom served on the boards of companies in a wide range of sectors, including open source and enterprise software, Web 2.0 and internet services, optical networking, and microprocessors.

In 1995, Tom co-founded NetGravity, and as CTO developed mission-critical real-time ad server software that was successfully deployed at over 300 customer network operations centers. NetGravity went public in 1998, and was then acquired by rival DoubleClick for over $500 million.

Tom was also a development manager at Oracle, wrote natural language parsing software at a startup in LA, and worked on options pricing software at a startup in NYC.

Tom has authored standards that have been adopted by the Internet Advertising Bureau and other standards bodies.

Basswood is also involved in the Open Source Software community, and has authored several utilities that are freely available.

If you are interested in employing Basswood Associates for a project, please email "basswood" at "basswoodassoc.com" or contact us. Thank you!

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